FIELD's Vision

Core Values and their definitions:
  • Integrity: Doing the right thing
  • Innovation: To Promote the active pursuit of new ideas
  • Opportunity: To Enable workers to realize their dreams
  • Excellence: A commitment and dedication to be the best
  • Si Se Puede: A personal and organizational spirit that promotes confidence, courage and risk taking
Core Purpose:
  • FIELD’s Purpose is to advance humanity by strengthening our communities and realizing the individual's inherent worth.
Envisioned Future:
  • FIELD’s Big Audacious Goal:  By 2013 FIELD will provide worker development programs and services to 250,000 workers and their families in five major Latino growth areas.
  • FIELD's Vivid Description:  
          FIELD has examined the social and economic chaos of our communities:  where we are strong, where we are not, where we might succeed, where we might not, and
          we have found that our confidence is obscured by the bonds of poverty, ignorance and hopelessness in the future.  But, to have hope for the future we must have
          confidence in ourselves. 

         Central to the human dignity of people is their education and training to “undo the heavy burdens and let the oppressed go free” (Isaiah).  To succeed we must devote
         every effort, in mind and spirit, to help individuals and their families. Through the catalyst of FIELD’s programs, tens of thousands of men and women will have
         discovered a new sense of self-worth.  FIELD’s graduates will be confident in their abilities, proud of their accomplishments, and inspired by the emerging
         transformation of their communities.

         Now is the time to take longer strides to break these bonds and to transform our community to greatness. We must do our part to create champion communities
         uplifted with a renewed sense of purpose for our future generations.  Our children will be prepared for an abundance of opportunities.  Their role models will not only
         be found in tattered historical textbooks but in the faces and conversations at their nightly dinner table.