Federal Courts Issue Orders That May Change Title 42 Expulsions At The Border

GavelsDuring the last two years that COVID has plagued the world, the CDC has implemented Title 42, which has resulted in over 200,000 parents and children, some of them unaccompanied, at the Southern border.

This month two federal courts ordered changes to the policy.  First, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on behalf of the ACLU that even though Title 42 expulsions are legal, the government must first ensure that no one is expelled to a location where they could be tortured or persecuted.

However, the same day, a federal district court judge ruled that unaccompanied children could be expelled, citing the harm it would to do Texas to admit them – without acknowledging the harm such expulsion would do to the children.

It is still unclear how and whether these orders will be carried out.  But the waning of COVID and the of most states’ COVID restrictions may result in Title 42 being ended completely, making both of these court rulings moot.

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