Immigration Visas Are Backlogged Due To COVID-19

Closed due to COVIDDuring COVID, U.S. visas issued to immigrants have dropped 77%.  Visas issued to non-immigrants have declined even further – 83%!  This is having a huge impact on US citizens, residents, and businesses who need immigrants to come to the U.S.  This impact affects family reunification, businesses’ ability to attract foreign talent, and much more.  This also affects the agricultural community – from the standpoints of farms, farmers, and their families.

Consistent with the decline in visas issued, the backlog of visa requests has jumped 800% -- to about half a million visa applications which have completed documentation, but are awaiting interviews and processing.

These effects have been due in large part to the closing of embassies and consulates, plus travel bans – both to and from the U.S. as well as numerous other countries.

Visas that are being given priority treatment are typically emergency and mission-critical ones – which often excludes visas for agricultural workers.

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