About Us

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit founded and established in 1978 by Farmworker Leader Cesar E Chavez. Cesar’s ultimate vision was to inspire farmworkers & the rural workforce to gain self-sufficiency through employee owned social enterprises. At FIELD, we are committed to strengthening our communities through promoting economic and social prosperity to help Farmworkers, Immigrants, Latinx, poor non-Hispanic Whites and African-Americans in California’s rural communities.

Core Purpose - To empower the underserved to be self-sufficient

Our Core Values - Integrity, Innovation, Opportunity, and “Si Se Puede” ~ “Yes We Can”

Our Focus - A Continuum of Education and Training: Leads to employee owned social enterprises

Covid Grads at Table Prayer of Farmworker's Struggle


FIELD has served almost 90,000 people since 2002 by making a major investment in an education and training infrastructure as progress towards Cesar’s VISION of social and economic prosperity.

These efforts have made improved social and economic prosperity in the households of hundreds of thousands of farmworkers, immigrants, Latinx, poor non-Hispanic Whites and African Americans in rural communities a reality.

Our goal at FIELD is to serve 250,000 people by 2025 through our many programs including English Literacy (ESL), Education, Career Technical Education & Training, and our Conservation Corps.




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