Career Technical Education

FIELD’s CTE program is preparing students for the changing workforce by providing students with skills in varying pathways such as Early Childhood Education, Solar Photovoltaics, Fire Fighting, Business Management, Recycling, Agriculture and Natural Resources. FIELD is not only preparing students with the skills they would typically receive in a trade school or vocational school. FIELD is committed to creating business opportunities for students through social enterprises, in which students can build wealth through the acquisition of assets.

Career and Technical Education (CTE) has evolved over the years and is no longer known as your typical vocational school or trade school. CTE has implemented several standards that vocational schools do not include. Career Ready Practices describe the career-ready skills that educators seek to develop in their students. These practices are not exclusive to a Career Pathway, program of study, discipline or level of education. Career Ready Practices are taught and reinforced in all of FIELD’s career exploration and program pathways with increasingly higher levels of complexity and expectation as a student advances through a program of study.

The exceptional CTE programs at FIELD are exemplified by our commitment to the career readiness standards that all CTE programs should adhere to.  Students learn to apply the appropriate technical skills and academic knowledge to their field of study. They will learn to communicate clearly, effectively and with reason, while developing an education and career plan that is directly aligned with their personal goals. Students will learn how to apply technology to assist them with enhancing productivity in accomplishing workplace tasks and solving workplace problems. To this effort FIELD students utilize critical thinking to make sense of problems and persevere in solving them. Through the development of social business opportunities students glean a new understanding of personal health and understand that financial literacy and healthy behaviors are intertwined. FIELD students learn to act as responsible citizens in their workplace and community. They become aware of how their actions and decisions impact all people they are associated with. Students in FIELD programs learn how to be models in their communities through integrity, ethical leadership and effective management that positively impacts morale and organizational structure. Students learn how to interact and contribute positively as a team member and leader, while having sensitivity to and an awareness of cultural differences. FIELD’s core values align directly with career readiness standards through creativity and innovation; however, students will consistently seek new methods, practices and ideas from a variety of sources to apply them to their own workplace. And lastly, they employ valid and reliable research strategies to assist them in understanding the environmental, social and economic impacts of their decisions.

Students enrolled in FIELD CTE programs are capable of gaining apprenticeships in industry and are provided with work-based learning when enrolled in various pathways. It is crucial that students gain the workplace skills and couple them with a GED or High School Diploma, which allows them to compete in a Global Workforce or enter into post-secondary education.

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