Solar CTE


“The Energy and Power Technology pathway provides learning opportunities for students interested in preparing for careers in the energy and power industries.”

hands on solar panel

Students will learn the theory and operation of Photovoltaic Systems along with the installation of solar systems; rooftop and ground arrays will be addressed. Students will also gain an understanding of electrical and mathematical principles associated with solar system installation. Marketing, design, and sales will also be addressed throughout the program.

Solar panel workers on roof    solar panels on house


FIELD-Recycle, in collaboration with the CTE Recycle Program, will work to provide incubation for FIELD’s vision of student Social Business Enterprises. Students enrolled in the CTE Recycle Pathway will become a member of FIELD-Recycle. This work-based learning program will be the main focus of the CTE Recycle pathway, and in conjunction with FIELD-Recycle, students will receive hands-on experience through the participation and management of recycling centers, systems, and programs.

This program will provide students with the opportunity to interact with both client and vendors to enhance their communication and public speaking skills. It will also provide them with real-world safety experience including various OSHA related topics.

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