Renewable Energy is Key to Solving Climate Change

WindmillsRenewable energy, also called clean energy, is considered by most to be the most important step toward stemming the effects of climate change.  You know those windmill farms you periodically see off of the highway?  Well, globally their green energy production has risen 22-fold in 16 years.  New techniques will hopefully reduce the number of birds and bats they kill.

Other clean energy sources include solar, hydroelectric, geothermal, and biomass.  In addition to helping clean the planet, these new energy sources create jobs, enable electric grids to be more secure, lower energy bills, and bring much-needed energy to developing countries.  After all, every country has sun, most have wind, and many have rivers, seas, and oceans.  Of these, the one that produces the most clean energy today, bay far, is hydroelectric power.  The U.S. is among the world’s top 5 produces of hydropower.  But like most clean energy options, it, too, has its downsides.  Key among them are disruptions to ecosystems, harming wildlife, and potentially displacing surrounding communities and their residents.  Plus, they’re not so effective during droughts.

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