Stateless Immigrant Gets Chance to Win Olympic Gold For Her New Country, The U.S.

Kaillie HumphriesWith the Beijing Olympics coming up in just 2 weeks, the U.S. has a new citizen who has an excellent chance to win gold for her new country.  Kaillie Humphries has already won two Olympic bobsled golds for her former country, Canada.  However, in 2019 she requested that the IOC release her from competing for Canada, due to the verbal and emotional abuse she alleges from the Canadian team coach.  Therefore, for more than 2 years she has been considered stateless in the eyes of the IOC.

Even though the IOC has recently made accommodations for stateless athletes to compete in the Olympic Games – under stringent conditions – Kaillie wanted to compete for the U.S.  She has lived in the U.S. for 5 years, and is married to an American man.

Finally, as of last month, Kaillie gained her U.S. citizenship, and is therefore now eligible to compete for her new country in the upcoming Olympics.  Needless to say, she is thrilled!

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