Why Solar Energy Is So Important To Our Planet

Sunshine on lakeEvery second the sun produces enough power to fulfill our entire planet’s energy demands for 2 hours.  Harnessing this solar power is one of the keys to resolving the climate crisis we are facing.  The good news is that over the past 19 years, we have increased our use of solar energy 300-fold!  However, solar energy still only provides less than 2% of our energy needs.

Fortunately, decreases in hard costs – the solar cells – and soft costs – labor and permits – are decreasing, while the efficiency of solar panels is increasing.  In coming years, this trend will continue.  One result will be an increase in the amount of energy which can be harvested from a solar cell, and a decrease in the cost of solar energy.  Engineering will be key in better converting the sun’s rays into solar energy, more efficiently.

Learn how this technology works, in a way everyone can understand.

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