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Easing Migration Helps All Countries

naturalization ceremonyStudies show that making migration easier actually provides an economic boost to both countries – those where the immigrants come from, and those where they emigrate to.

In fact, as the country and world face growing economic risks, relaxing immigration restrictions may be the single best way to ensure economic prosperity.  Economics have long supported the reduction of barriers to international flows of trade and capital.  Increasing evidence points to similar logic in supporting reduced barriers to migration.

The Clearest Path to Global Prosperity: Looser migration restrictions would benefit both rich and poor countries.

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Immigration Judges Use Automation To Help Decide Who Gets Jailed

Richard H. FrankelImmigration judges are using data, algorithms, and automated risk assessment tools to help them determine a particular immigrant’s likelihood of posing a danger to the community or becoming a flight risk.  On the one hand, such tools can help judges make better, less biased decisions, and keep people out of detention when it’s not necessary.  After all, the U.S. already incarcerates about 400,000 non-citizens per year.

On the other hand, these tools pose the danger to perpetuate racial disparities in making these incarceration decisions.

Risk Assessment and Immigration Court

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Congress Votes To Create Independent Immigration Court

Immigration courtThe House Judiciary Committee voted 24-12 to approve the creation of an independent immigration court.  This bill has been advocated for year by National Immigration Judges Association, lawyers, and its three democratic representatives sponsoring the bill.  It will now move to a vote by the entire House.

The bill creates three divisions of the Washington-DC based court: a trial division, an appellate division, and an administrative division.


Bill creating independent immigration court passes in House

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Will AI And Robotics Revolutionize Agriculture?

Agriculture droneAs the world’s population growth requires more food production, problems with weather, fuel costs, labor shortages, and increasing cost of supplies threatens to limit agricultural productivity and increase prices.  What to do?  Some say robotics and artificial intelligence.

Drones and ground-based robots may be able to eliminate weeds, plant crops, gather needed data, diagnose plant diseases, and increase farm productivity while reducing costs and risk.  The term coined to describe this is “precision agriculture”.  It may cause us to rethink our entire agricultural system.

Although the data is thin, advocates say robotics and AI will soon revolutionize agriculture

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Our $2 Trillion Ocean-Dependent Economy Is At Risk From Climate Change

Eroding shoreline$2 trillion of the global economy is directly or indirectly dependent upon our oceans.  In addition to more obvious industries like shipping and fishing, other like pharmaceuticals, research, energy, tourism, and more also depend on the health of our oceans.

NASA satellites are revealing the extent climate change is affecting the world’s oceans, including sea levels, water temperature, thinning ice shelves, oxygen levels, salinity, ocean winds, weather patterns, and much more.  Observations from these satellites can help to inform decisions that affect greenhouse gases and other aspects of climate change.

Climate Change Threatens $2 Trillion 'Blue Economy'

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Want To Know Where U.S. Immigrants Are Coming From?

Immigrants signThe COVID pandemic has resulted in a decrease in immigrants from virtually every part of the world, with the total down by about 30%.  The nation with the highest share of our immigrants was Mexico, with about 14% of the total.

However, significantly more immigrants came here from Asia than from North America.  Among Asian immigrants, India had the highest total, followed by China.

Here is where America's immigrants come from

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What Is Mixed Migration And How To Manage It

Migration globe“Mixed migration” refers to migrants from one country entering another who typically have more than one reason for migrating.  These reasons can be that they are refugees fearing for their safety in their home country, economic opportunity, family reunification, and more.

This set of essays sheds light on how governments approach mixed migration both positively and negatively.  They address mixed migration from the perspectives of law, politics, and history.

Source: Yale Journal of International Law, 4/22/22

Managing Mixed Migration

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Tweets Denying Climate Change Are Now Banned

AlligatorClimate change is real, supported by science, and ads which contradict that will no longer be permitted on Twitter.  This new policy is similar to one already implemented by Google.

However, Twitter users are still able to tweet whatever they want regarding climate change, including false or misleading information.

Twitter Bans Ads That Contradict Science On Climate Change

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See Which State Has Clean Energy Leading Its Energy Transition

Clean energy plantMinnesota is one state in which clean energy industries lead the energy transition in 2021, according to the recently released 2022 Minnesota Energy Factsheet.

Last year, Minnesota’s leading source of energy was renewable energy, providing 28% of the state’s electricity generation.  What’s more, the industry is providing very beneficial to the state’s economy.

New factsheet finds clean energy industries continuing to lead the energy transition in Minnesota

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Five Ways Innovation Can Help Climate Change

Windmills over cloudsThe International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recently issued a new, alarming report on climate change, but also was hopeful that innovation can help alleviate the crisis.

The report’s key message is that we must globally transition to a green, clean energy economy quickly, effectively, and equitably.  Part of this transition relies upon expansion of existing technologies such as solar, wind, and heat pumps.  But another, new recommendation trumpets the role of innovation in developing and deploying new, innovative approached to solving the climate problem.  In fact, it acknowledges the role such innovation has already played in achieving climate-related objectives.

The latest IPCC report unpacks the role of innovation. Here are five key takeaways

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Clearing The Huge Visa Backlog

Man at blocked doorwayHalf a million foreign nationals have had their U.S. immigration petitions approved, but are still awaiting their visas to come to this country.

The COVID pandemic has decimated the visa processing system and as resulted in a visa backlog six times that of pre-COVID levels.  The visa appointments which were previously granted in just weeks or even days now often take more than a year to procure.  Some types of visas are now all but impossible to obtain.

In 2021, the number of nonimmigrant visas issues was less than half of the level before COVID.  Among the many detrimental implications of this huge visa backlog is the inability of U.S. businesses to fill key positions with immigrants.  Another is the inability of families to reunify.


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Researchers In Sweden Show How Electronic Devices Could Recharge Themselves With Solar Energy

Solar charging of electronicsSwedish researchers have a system that stores solar energy for up to 18 years. This stored energy can be used, among other things, to recharge our electronic devices such as cell phones and tablets.  Ultimately, this could mean that our electronics could charge themselves, without ever needing to be plugged in or charged externally.  It also means that solar energy can be harnessed when needed, not just during daylights hours and sunny weather.

Swedish University researchers demonstrate how electronics could self-charge using stored solar energy on demand

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Census Illustrates How Immigration Helps Avert US Population Decline

Demographic map of USThe population of the United States is growing slower now than at any other time in history.

Part of this is due to the nearly 1 million deaths from COVID-19.  Also, birth rates are at their lowest in decades, as more people opt to have few or now children, or have those children later in life. Left unabated, this demographic trend could result in too few workers supporting too many retirees.

Immigration can help to stem the tide of low population growth, or even decline.

New Census Data Highlights Important Role of Immigration in Countering US Population Decline

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How the New Federal Budget Will Affect Immigration

Biden signing bill.pngPresident Biden recently submitted his 2023 budget request to Congress,  Overall, it signals more support for immigrants.

For example, the proposed budget earmarks an additional $765 million for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, which could help clear the massive immigration backlog now plaguing the U.S. legal system.  While the overall budget for ICE will rise slightly, the funding for its detention would fall by $370 million, necessitating a reduction in detained immigrants from 34,000 down to 24,000.  If this budget passes, it would also signify the end of family detention.

As part of a significant increase to the budget of Customs and Border Protection (CBP), an additional $300 million will be devoted to migrant medical services and transportation.

Biden Released His Budget for 2023 – What Does it Mean for Immigration Issues?

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Happy Cesar Chavez Day

Cesar Chavez DayOn March 31, 2008, then Senator Barak Obama proposed Cesar Chavez Day be designated a national holiday every March 31 to commemorate his birthday.  It became official in 2014 when President Obama proclaimed March 31 as Cesar Chavez Day.

The holiday is meant to highlight the life and legacy of Cesar Chavez and his record of fighting for the rights of migrant farmworkers in particular, and the Mexican American labor movement more broadly.

FIELD celebrates Cesar Chavez’s birthday this and every year with a special event, typically a breakfast fundraiser.

Read more about Cesar Chavez Day.

Learn about our breakfast.

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U.S. Will Offer Migrants COVID Vaccines

Migrants boarding busMigrants taken into custody at the southern border will be offered COVID vaccines, according to the Department of Homeland Security.  At first, the department will be able to vaccinate 2,700 migrants per day, increasing to 6,000 by the end of May.

The U.S. expects an upcoming surge of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Biden administration to offer Covid-19 vaccines to migrants

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Why Has The US Permitted So Few Ukrainian Refugees To Enter?

Ukrainian refugee girlOf the 3 million Ukrainian refugees fleeing its war with Russia, and counting, fewer than 700 have been admitted to the United States – not only during the war, but including the 4 months preceding the war as well, while Russian forces were amassing on Ukraine’s borders.  This is despite the $4 billion allocated by Congress in aid to Ukraine, $1.4 billion of which was specifically earmarked to help refugees.  It is also despite President Biden’s commitment to help resettle Ukrainian refugees in the U.S.
One issue is that at present, American families cannot sponsor Ukrainian refugees.

Read on for more reasons

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ICE’s Ability To Perform Unlawful, Warrantless Arrests Now Limited

ICE policeA recent federal court decision in Illinois greatly restricts the ability of ICE to conduct warrantless vehicle stops and arrests.  Furthermore, it requires ICE to release anyone from detention if their arrest violates the new terms.  The ruling also requires ICE to retrain its officers.

ICE can arrest a person without a warrant, but it must determine that the person is likely to escape and that there is reasonable suspicion that the person does not have lawful status in the United States.  This was not the case in many of ICE’s arrests.

Settlement Thwarts ICE’s Ability to Conduct Warrantless Sweeps

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Cesar Walking with KidsApril 9, 2022
Noon 5PM
Rexland Park
325 E. Fairview Rd., Bakersfield, CA 93307

Watch parties (take your pick!):
  1. Northern CA Region - Watch Party @ Greenfield (outdoors) EPIC HS - 500 12th St, Greenfield, CA 93927
  2. Northern CA Region - Watch Party @ Yuba City (indoors) EPIC HS - 467 Garden Hwy, Yuba City, CA 95991
  3. Southern CA Region - Watch Party @ Indio EPIC HS, Desert Garden Apartments 83880 Ave. 48th Indio CA 92201

FREE! Everyone is welcome.

We'd love if you'd register online, for free

  • Awesome live entertainment
  • Live musical performances
  • Dance presentation
  • Bakersfield's best food trucks
  • Inspirational speakers
  • Deejay
  • Dancing
  • Community info booths
  • FIELD info booths
  • Pose for pictures with local dignitaries
  • See your friends and neighbors
  • Free prizes
Celebrate the life and work of our founder, Cesar E Chavez.

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Cesar and Kids of LaPaz - 345Honor the life and legacy of our esteemed founder, Cesar Chavez at the Cesar Chavez Legacy Breakfast.

March 31, 2022
8– 11AM
Hodel's Liberty Hall
5917 Knudsen Drive
Bakersfield, CA 93308

  • $25 per ticket
  • $265 per table (of 8)
  • Free for students and staff
Speakers include:
  • Assemblymember Rudy Salas
  • Councilwoman Leticia Perez


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Federal Courts Issue Orders That May Change Title 42 Expulsions At The Border

GavelsDuring the last two years that COVID has plagued the world, the CDC has implemented Title 42, which has resulted in over 200,000 parents and children, some of them unaccompanied, at the Southern border.

This month two federal courts ordered changes to the policy.  First, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on behalf of the ACLU that even though Title 42 expulsions are legal, the government must first ensure that no one is expelled to a location where they could be tortured or persecuted.

However, the same day, a federal district court judge ruled that unaccompanied children could be expelled, citing the harm it would to do Texas to admit them – without acknowledging the harm such expulsion would do to the children.

It is still unclear how and whether these orders will be carried out.  But the waning of COVID and the of most states’ COVID restrictions may result in Title 42 being ended completely, making both of these court rulings moot.

Read the complete story

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Supreme Court Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Likely Approach To Immigration

Judge Ketanji Brown JacksonPresident Biden recently nominated Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson the Supreme Court.  She would be the first Black woman ever to have a seat on the high court.  Given Judge Jackson’s 10 years on the federal bench, her record holds lots of clues as to how she would be likely to vote on immigration issues that would come before her were she to be confirmed a Supreme Court justice.

Read about how Judge Brown is likely to rule on immigration issues

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ACLU Sues On Behalf Of ICE-Detained Immigrants Denied COVID Vaccines

COVID-19 vaccineThe American Civil Liberties Union and the ACLU of the District of Columbia  filed a lawsuit against U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) demanding that its detainees, particularly those made more vulnerable by medical conditions, be given COVID-19 vaccine boosters.

The ACLU wants these shots to be administered not only to help those immigrants, but also to lower the spread of COVID in ICE detention centers.  These detainees are routinely denied access to needed medical care.


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New Film Addresses How Americans Perceive Dreamers and How That Impacts How They View Other Immigrants

Immigrant father and daughterA new documentary called "Rejecting the Dreamer Narrative," premiered two days ago.  It highlights how the way many Americans perceive “Dreamers” has hurt the perception they have of other immigrants.

Dreamers are named for Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act, the bill which never passed through Congress.  Instead, the bill that finally passed in 2012 is called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA.

New film explores harmful impact of the "Dreamer" narrative on the undocumented community

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State Of The Union Calls For Immigration Reform

Border wallPresident Joe Biden’s State Of The Union Speech received a bipartisan standing ovation when he mentioned the urgent need for reform to our nation’s immigration laws.  He urged for a pathway to citizenship for farmworkers, Dreamers, and others, in part to ease the country’s labor shortage – but also because it is the right thing to do.

The President devoted 2 minutes of his 62 minute speech to immigration.

Immigration advocates see urgency in Biden's speech to pass comprehensive reform

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White Immigrants More Likely To Be Approved Than Hispanics, Blacks, and Muslims

Statue of liberty and US flagA recent study by University of Southern California concluded that our immigration system is biased in favor of white immigration applicants, whose applications are approved at a significantly higher rate than those of Hispanic, Black, and Muslim immigrants.  Also, women are approved more often than men.

Even though the US Citizenship and Immigration Services claims that it "does not consider race, nationality or other demographic factors when making determinations related to applications for naturalization," the US has a long, well-documented pattern of federal laws which exclude or place at a disadvantage people based on their race, ethnicity, and gender.

Read more about the study

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American Bar Association Calls For Racism To Be Eliminated From Immigration Laws

Border patrol on horseback capturing menThe American Bar Association (ABA) has passed a resolution calling on the  U.S. government  to reduce and eliminate racism and xenophobia in our nation’s immigration laws and their enforcement.  Existing laws permit so-called “aliens” to be “subject to discrimination that never could be lawful with respect to U.S. citizens, including detention and removal from the country.”

Reporting has shown that immigrants of color are routinely subjected to harsher treatment in the enforcement of immigration laws.  In fact, from 1792 to 1952, U.S. immigrants were actually required to be white.

Read the whole article

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US-Mexico Border Could Be Patrolled By Robot Dogs

Robot dogsThe Department of Homeland Security is testing robot dogs as a way to monitor the harsh terrain along the border between Mexico and the United States.  These “dogs” are meant to accompany Border Patrol agents, not replace them.  There is currently no timeline for the deployment of these robot dogs.

The robotic dogs have been tested in situations that could be dangerous to human agents, such as tight spaces, high heat, low oxygen, and steep terrain.

Robot dogs could patrol the US-Mexico border


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Governments Must Recognize Recycling As A Key To The Planet’s Future

Planet EarthRanjit Baxi, founder and head of the Global Recycling Foundation, has implored national governments all over the world to acknowledge that recycling is a key measure in preserving the future of our planet.  He said in London, “Recycling has a major impact on preserving the environment, saving energy, and reducing pollution, so why does it not receive the recognition it deserves?”

Recycling’s role is crucial, says foundation head

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Ethical Dilemmas in Enforcing Immigration Policies

SymposiumIt is easy to criticize immigration law and how it’s enforced.  For example, few would defend the practice of separating immigrant families at the border, especially when young children are concerned.  But it is far more difficult to say would should be done, ethically, morally, and legally.

This dilemma will be addressed front and center at an upcoming symposium next month.

More details

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Los Angeles Fire Department Buys First Electric Fire Engine

Electric fire engineIn May, the LAFD will take delivery of one of the world’s first all-electric fire engines. It will be the first in the US. Rancho Cucamonga, about an hour east of L.A., is scheduled to receive one in late 2023.

The fire engine’s batteries will enable it to operate for about 2 hours.  Of course, the fire station which will house this vehicle will be fitted with a rapid charger.

Read more about this vehicle

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Farm Workforce Modernization Act Protects Migrant Farm Workers

CongressCongress has passed the Farm Workforce Modernization Act with several measures to protect immigrant farm workers.  In particular, the bill alters the H-2A temporary worker program to make it easier for alien farm workers and their families to stay in the U.S.

A key feature of the bill is that The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) can grant certified agricultural worker (CAW) status to an applying alien who:
  1. performed at least 1,035 hours of agricultural labor during the two-year period prior to March 8, 2021
  2. on that date was inadmissible, deportable, or under a grant of deferred enforced departure or temporary protected status
  3. has been continuously present in the United States from that date until receiving CAW status.

Read the entire bill

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Kaillie Humphries Wins Bobsled Gold After Submitting Harassment Complaint

Kaillie Humphries - gold medalWe posted 4 weeks ago about Kaillie Humphries, who is a new immigrant to the US and got permission to compete for the U.S. Winter Olympic team.  Well, congratulations are in order, because Kaillie won gold in the new monobob event.  Moreover, she became one of the oldest gold medalists at these Games at age 36.

However, her joy is clouded by the verbal and mental harassment complaint she has filed against her former Canadian coach and Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton (BCS).  This case is currently under investigation.

Kaillie will also compete in the two-woman bobsled, with her first heat tomorrow at 4AM PST.

Read the whole story

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Cesar Chavez’ Life and Legacy

Cesar ChavezFIELD’s founder Cesar Chavez dedicated his life to the same non-violent approach to civil disobedience pioneered by Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr.  He strove to improve pay, living conditions,  and working conditions for migrant farm workers, particularly in California.  He created the National Farm Workers Association (which became the United Farm Workers of America) in California.

Cesar’s birthday is coming up next month.  Stay tuned for information on exciting FIELD events to celebrate this occasion…

Read more about Cesar Chavez’ amazing life

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How You Can Help Prevent California Forest Fires

CampfireFIELD is actively involved in preventing wildfires throughout California.  You can help to.  Here are several easy things you can do:
  1. Don’t use fireworks, especially in a hot, dry area
  2. Don’t smoke, but if you do, extinguish your cigarette with water and dispose of it in a fireproof container.  Definitely don’t toss your butt on the ground.
  3. Be responsible with your campfires.  Know if campfires are even permitted where you are, and if so, never leave your fire unattended, and completely extinguish it to that it is cold to the touch.

Learn all 9 ways to prevent wildfires.

Learn about FIELD’s firefighting efforts.

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Immigrants Are Competing For China In The Winter Olympics

Chinese Olympic athletesChina, host to the Winter Olympics being staged now, has long been a very closed society, only permitting those with Chinese blood to become citizens.  Recently, though, China has realized the value of letting non-Chinese with particular skills – in science, technology, education, medicine, economics… and sports – become permanent residents.  Furthermore, permanent residents can now compete for China’s Olympic team.

As a result, nearly 35 athletes (a national record) of China’s 176 Winter Olympic team members are foreign citizens, including some, like skier Eileen Gu, who are American.  This is in keeping with the policy of the International Olympic Committee, which only requires residency, not citizenship, for an athlete to compete for a particular country.

For some athletes, what is Chinese is not so simple

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The Pandemic Means That Farm Workers Are Now Considered Essential

Migrant farmworkersMost of America’s farm workers are undocumented immigrants.  For decades, they have lived in fear of deportation, particularly if they are stopped for some minor reason.  But now, many have been given letters by their employers stating that the Department of Homeland Security deems them to be essential workers.

These letters give these migrants less fear of deportation, and even of being stopped, since many law enforcement agencies have adjusted their priorities during COVID to focus more on public safety and criminal threats than undocumented immigrants.  These letters also provide cover for them if they are out during “stay at home” orders.

Farmworkers, Mostly Undocumented, Become ‘Essential’ During Pandemic

Help FIELD to help undocumented farm workers

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Recycling 101

Recycling infographicSo you recycle.  Great!  But why?  What are the key benefits of recycling?  Here are some reasons to recycle:
  1. Lessens landfill waste
  2. Saves natural resources
  3. Reduces dependence on foreign sources of materials
  4. Decreases pollution, since fewer new raw materials are needed
  5. Conserves energy
  6. Helps create US jobs in recycling and manufacturing

See even more recycling benefits

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The Five Most Important Effects of Climate Change

Climate change.pngIf you have been watching the Winter Olympics, you've seen one of the effects of climate change: this is the first Winter Olympics to use 100% manmade snow. When you see aerial views of any venues outside of Beijing, you see not snow whatsoever on the ground other than the snow which was manufactured (using lots of water and energy) to cover the slopes and runs used for competition.

So what are the direct effects of climate change? Here are 5:
  • rising minimum temperatures
  • rising maximum temperatures
  • rising sea levels
  • higher ocean temperatures
  • an increase in heavy precipitation
In addition, there are other indirect effects of climate change, such as more water shortages and an increase in hunger.

To learn more, click here.

To help FIELD do its part to combat climate change, click here.

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See What COVID-Related Restrictions Apply to US Immigrants and Foreign Visitors

COVID moleculeAs COVID-19 has ravaged the world, a confusing array of restrictions and visa requirements has arisen for all countries, including the U.S.  Fortunately, as of November, 2021, those restrictions are consistent for visitors from all countries and are easy to understand.

Every visitor to the U.S. (with very limited exceptions) must show proof of full COVID vaccination.  In addition, those arriving in the U.S. by air will need to show proof of a negative COVID test shortly prior to their departure to the U.S.

Read more about COVID Travel Restrictions

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Representatives of Minority and Underserved Communities Should Help Decide Priorities For Health Research

Health ResearchersHealth metrics and outcomes are significantly lower in minority and underserved communities.  One reason for this is the discrepancy in funding and other resources dedicated to health research in these communities vs. the country as a whole.  A study attempts to bridge this gap by concluding that members of these communities should actively participate in deciding on health research priorities and funding.

Individuals and groups from these underserved communities tend to favor research into child health and mental health.  Including views such as these in health research decisions helps make these decisions more equitable and pertinent to the values and needs of these communities.

Furthermore, the study suggests that such decisions take into account the cultures and beliefs of the communities they affect.

Read the study results

Enable FIELD to help bridge the gap faced by underserved communities

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Education of Adult Immigrants is Critical to Job and Financial Security

Adult Immigrant EducationImmigrants to California can use ESL, getting a high school diploma, and other forms of ongoing education to qualify for and land jobs.  As a result of their education, these immigrants can get better, higher-paying jobs.  They can also assimilate better into their new communities and organizations.

Read more

See how FIELD can help you to get career training or a high school diploma

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The 5 Top Things To Know About Immigrant Farmworkers and America's Food Production

Farmworkers overheadDid you know what an impact immigrants make on US agriculture?  Consider that:
  1. 73% of US agricultural workers are immigrants, represented across all 50 states.  Incidentally, California is the #1 state in agriculture production.  By far.  Can you guess state #2?  Hint: It’s vowels are all in “California”.  The answer is Iowa.
  2. Farms are facing a dire shortage of farmworkers.  In California, 56% of farms are short staffed.  COVID has only exacerbated this problem.
  3. About half of farmworkers are undocumented, but need to be legalized – for the benefit of them, their farms, and the American food-eating public.
  4. Temporary H-2A visas are insufficient.  Only 4% of agricultural workers have one.  California is one of the top H-2A states.
  5. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) determined that giving legal status to undocumented farmworkers would boost tax revenues and have a net positive effect on the federal budget.

See more detail

Learn how FIELD helps undocumented farmworkers

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U.S. Attempts To Humanely Deal With Record Number of Immigrants At Southern Border

Immigration flag2021 saw a record number of arrests at the Mexican border.  In the last year, 300 executive orders were implemented to help with the influx of immigrants.  The White House is proffering a proposal to provide COVID vaccinations to all immigrants.  While the proposal attempts to improve public health and stem the pandemic, it also has created fears that even more migrants will arrive at our southern border in hopes of getting vaccinated.

Many of the issues and political divisions which have dominated discussion of immigration in prior years have persisted, even during the pandemic.

Learn more

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Training Farmers and Farm Workers Has A Positive Impact On Farm Management

Farm Management.pngAn Australian national study found that educating and training farmers and farm workers enhances their ability and willingness to make improvements in the management of their farms.  Furthermore, the relationships built in these training programs between farmers and experts, as well as between the farmers themselves, helps instill the farmers with the values and attitudes conducive to making positive changes in their farming practices.

Read the study results

Learn more about FIELD’s efforts to help farmers

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ESL Mobile Learning Technology Innovations from the Gates Foundation

Gates FoundationAmong the 20+ million U.S. adults that don’t speak English well, fewer than 10% enroll in ESL courses.  Much of the gap can be explained by lack of sufficient funding – from federal and state governments, and elsewhere.  This article identifies ways to determine which of those adults have the greatest need for ESL and will benefit the most from it.  Since ESL increases lifetime earning by an average of 22%, the potential tangible and intangible benefits from ESL are enormous.

Technology, particularly online learning, can provide much of the solution.  Since 75%+ of U.S. adults who don’t speak English at all have access to a mobile phone of their own or in their household, phones provide a huge potential for delivering online ESL learning.

Read more.

See how FIELD helps immigrants learn English so they can succeed in the work world and in life.

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Stateless Immigrant Gets Chance to Win Olympic Gold For Her New Country, The U.S.

Kaillie HumphriesWith the Beijing Olympics coming up in just 2 weeks, the U.S. has a new citizen who has an excellent chance to win gold for her new country.  Kaillie Humphries has already won two Olympic bobsled golds for her former country, Canada.  However, in 2019 she requested that the IOC release her from competing for Canada, due to the verbal and emotional abuse she alleges from the Canadian team coach.  Therefore, for more than 2 years she has been considered stateless in the eyes of the IOC.

Even though the IOC has recently made accommodations for stateless athletes to compete in the Olympic Games – under stringent conditions – Kaillie wanted to compete for the U.S.  She has lived in the U.S. for 5 years, and is married to an American man.

Finally, as of last month, Kaillie gained her U.S. citizenship, and is therefore now eligible to compete for her new country in the upcoming Olympics.  Needless to say, she is thrilled!

Learn more about Kaillie’s heartwarming story


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Immigrants Make A Significant Contribution to the U.S. Olympic Team in Tokyo

Suni LeeOf the 600 U.S. athletes at the recent Olympic Games in Tokyo, more than 5% -- 34 athletes – were born in other countries.  They participated in 21 sports and won medals at an even greater rate than their U.S.-born colleagues.  Perhaps most notable was Suni Lee, the first Olympian of Hmong descent, who won several gymnastics medals including the all-around gold.  Nelly Korda, a U.S.-born golfer of Czech immigrants, won gold, while her sister Jessica also competed.

Swimmer Jay Litherland was born in Japan, so he was thrilled to return to his birth country to take silver in the men’s 400-meter individual relay.  Catarina Macario, born in Brazil, helped Team USA win bronze in women’s soccer.  Foluke Akinradewo-Gunderson was born in Canada and won gold for the U.S. in Tokyo.

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Read here to see even more Olympic contributions and medals by immigrants and children of immigrants.

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20 Tips for Teaching ESL to Dyslexic Students

DyslexiaThis article provides 20 useful techniques for helping teach ESL to students with dyslexia, while potentially helping the entire class or group of students.  These strategies can help with both reading and writing.

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Minority Docs Are More Likely to Have Minority Patients

Minority doctorsPerhaps this confirms your long-held beliefs, but a recent study showed that GP doctors who are minorities tend to serve underserved communities.  This has implications for health care reform.  For example, if an underserved community needs more doctors, but there is an insufficient supply of minority doctors to meet their needs, or these minority doctors are working elsewhere, how can no-minority doctors be recruited or incented to work in these underserved areas?

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